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Three Typical Preparation Methods of CVD Diamond


It is the first synthesis methods of CVD diamond in the history. The equipment has simple structure, convenient operation, low investment cost. Fast diamond growth rate is the technological characteristics with wide sedimentary parameter range and not strict command. It can obtain the diamond film with larger area, easy to realize industrialized production, so the HFCVD method is the most applied one.


Its main characteristic is high deposition rate, which is reported to be up to 1000 m/h. The device has the highest deposition rate and the largest deposition area among all methods.

3. MPCVD, Microwave Plasma CVD

This type of equipment is currently the most popular in the market, and can synthesize high purity diamond products. Its main characteristics are high electron density, high concentration of atomic H, no electrode pollution. Stable plasma can be produced under high pressure, and CVD diamond is of high quality.

Microwave method can prepare large-area and high-quality diamond, which is the most ideal method to prepare artificial diamond in the future. This method has been well applied, such as missile hood, optical infrared window and so on. Microwave CVD method can prepare high grade CVD diamond and can be used as diamonds and other decorations after processing whose price is only a quarter of the natural diamond's.