Henan E-Grind Abrasives Co., Ltd.
Henan E-Grind Abrasives Co., Ltd.

Quality Control

Test Equipment

E-Grind builds Quality Standard and Files for every customer. All batches are traceable to every procedure and raw material.

E-Grind Test Center has installed advanced testing equipment for below items of material performance:

For Mesh

  • Grit Size  

  • TI

  • TTI

  • Bulk Density

  • Impurity

  • Magnetic  

  • Grit color 

  • Grit shape

For Micron

  • Laser Particle Analyzer

  • Particle shape 

  • Impurity 

Test Process

For the finished product, we must go through the following test process

1. Color consistency
2. Particle shape consistency
3. The particle size meet FEPA & Customer requirement
4. Purity meets customer requirement
5. Packing safety.
6. Other special Quality requirements from customers.


Test Report

Mesh test report
Micropowder test report
The test report is attached to each shipment. Please compare with your test result and let us know if there is a difference.