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Diamond & CBN Solid Product

Synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride and composite materials made of these two materials are collectively referred to solid product, and various tools and functional parts made of them are collectively referred to as solid products. Solid products are high-efficiency, high-precision, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly products. They are not only the hardest materials found by humans, but also have excellent mechanical, thermal, optical, acoustic, electrical and chemical properties. Wang is praised and is an extremely versatile material. Utilizing its unparalleled mechanical properties, it can process all the known materials in the world; with its unparalleled thermo-acoustic electrical properties, it can be used for astronauts to prevent cosmic rays, stealth, and anti-corrosion of cutting-edge weapons and improve missile strike accuracy, high-power lasers. It is an irreplaceable and sophisticated field of detection, large-scale integrated circuits and LED new light source heat sinks.

Besides Diamond and CBN powder, E-Grind supplies the related solid products. E-Grind's solid products line includes:

PDC cutter
Diamond wire drawing die blanks
PCD PCBN insert

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