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Diamond & CBN Solid Product

Diamond and CBN Solid products are Polycrystalline Diamond or CBN which is made with Synthetic Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride in High temperature High Pressure. E-Grind's solid products line includes CVD, TSP, PDC cutter, PCD & PCBN, Diamond wire drawing die blanks, PCD , PCBN insert. 

CVD is made by DC Arc Plasma, by which polycrtalline diamond is deposited on substrate. CVD is ideal for dressing tool, cutting tool and thermal management application. 

TSP is manufactured from diamond powder and binder under HPHT. Due to the high wear resistance and high impart toughness and high hardness, TSP is used in Gas & Oil, geological exploration and machinery industry. 

PDC consists of diamond layer and Carbide matix under HPHT condition. It is widely used in Gas&Oil, Mining, Geological prospection applications. 

PCD & PCBN are with similar as PDC in manufacturing way, but they are used for Cutting Tool industry. Diamond Wire Drawing Die blanks are also Polycrystalline diamond, with or without Carbide supporting, for wire drawing application. 

Applications of Diamond & CBN Solid Product

Applications of Diamond & CBN Solid Product

  • TSP:for ming,oil/gas, drilling bits           

  • CVD: for dressing tools, Cutting tools, wire drawing core ,Heat sink 

  • PCD/PCBN: for cutting tools on Cemented carbide, ceramics, cast iron, high speed steel, ductile iron.           

  • PDC:  for mining, oil&gas, Geological Exploration, Construction and Machinery  

Benefits of Using Diamond & CBN Solid Product

Benefits of Using Diamond & CBN Solid Product

Compared with the advantages of ordinary abrasive tools, Diamond or CBN solid products have below advantages: 

  • longer service life.

  • High cost-performance ratio

  • Improved grinding efficiency

  • Reduced scrap rate

  • Improved grinding effect

  • More environmentally friendly production and use

  • Customized specifications availability

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