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Application and Characteristics of Diamond Powder

Minerals in nature provide all kinds of resources for our survival. Some of these minerals are both resources and toxic and harmful substances to us. If they are used improperly, they will do harm to us. So it is interesting to introduce some common toxic and harmful minerals. Let's focus on diamonds.

The chemical composition of diamond is pure carbon, but it always contains various impurities and inclusions in varying degrees. It has a great influence on the physical and chemical properties and is the basic basis for the classification of diamonds. Pure ones are colorless and transparent, which show different colors due to the mixing of trace elements. It is brittle, transparent, and not afraid of the erosion of the strong acid and alkali. After sunlight exposure, light blue phosphorescence can be emitted at night. X-ray irradiation emits sky-blue fluorescence. It has the characteristics of the hydrophobic lipophile.

Industrial diamond powders are processed using this property of diamond crystals. Diamond powder manufacturer put raw materials into special ball mill for processing. It obtains different sizes and levels of diamond powder through mechanical impact and grinding and a series of processes.

There are many substances in nature that can be used by us. Of course, the premise is that you use them correctly. It's important to make the best use of everything. We should remind you that you must be cautious when using diamond powder. When purchasing, choose a professional diamond powder supplier, E-Grind is worthy of your trust!