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The Development Trend of Diamond Tools

1. The application of diamond tools is developing rapidly

In recent years, the application trend of diamond tools has continued to show an upward trend, and has already occupied a leading position in the CNC machine tool industry. The processing skills of the manufacturing industry are greatly affected by the diamond tool industry, and the development of the manufacturing industry will also promote the development of the diamond tool industry.

2. Development trend of diamond tools

Diamond tools are becoming the leading tools in the development of aerospace, automotive, electronics and other materials processing, and their applications are becoming wider and wider. The development trend of diamond tools shows the following aspects:

(1) Increase in utilization of new diamond tool materials. The toughness of PCBN, PCD and other tool materials is further enhanced, and the using fields are increasing.

(2) The research and development of diamond tools is more targeted. The focus of diamond tool manufacturers' research and development is no longer on generic brands and generic structures. In the face of complex and changeable use occasions and processing conditions, we have developed more targeted insert geometry, grades and corresponding supporting tools to replace general-purpose grooves and grades of inserts and tools.

(3) The role of diamond tool manufacturers has changed. From the preparation and supply of pure diamond tools to the development of new cutting processes and the development of corresponding sets of skills and solutions, we provide users with comprehensive technical support.

(4)The degree of informatization has improved, the cooperation of diamond tool manufacturers has increased, and market competition has been eased.