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Ultra-Precision Grinding of Resin-Metal Composite Binder Diamond Powder Wheel

Resin bond diamond powder grinding wheel:

For ultra-precision machining of cylindrical surface and complex aspheric surface, the grinding process must satisfy the dual requirements of high shape accuracy and low surface roughness. The supporting rigidity of abrasive particles affects the shape accuracy and surface roughness. In order to ensure high shape accuracy, the rigidity of the grinding wheel should be as large as possible, but in order to obtain low surface roughness, the low rigidity of the grinding wheel is advantageous. The rigidity of metal bonded grinding wheel is great, which is beneficial to ensure the shape accuracy, but it is difficult to dress, and it is not easy to process the surface roughness of mirror surface. At the same time, the requirement of grinding machine accuracy and rigidity is very strict, while resin bonded grinding wheel has good elasticity and is easy to grind the surface with low roughness. Because the requirement of surface roughness is often higher than that of shape accuracy in actual ultra-precision grinding, the elastic effect of resin bond should be fully exerted.

Resin bonds are suitable for mirror grinding because of the following advantages:

(1)Resin grinding wheel has high elasticity, vibration absorption, and easy to make the cutting edge protrusion height uniform;
(2)The use of resin grinding wheels can reduce the stringent requirements for grinding machine accuracy and rigidity;
(3)In the grinding process, abrasive particle rotation will occur, which has the effect of self-generating.

However, the elasticity of resin binder is large and easy to deform, so it is difficult to ensure the shape accuracy. At the same time, fine-grained (less than W5.0) resin-bonded diamond micro-powder grinding wheel, abrasive particles are easy to be buried in the binder, debris groove between abrasive particles decreases, and blockage easily occurs, resulting in a significant reduction in the cutting ability of the wheel and deterioration of the surface quality. Therefore, an electro-demodulation method is proposed to obtain resin-metal composite bonded diamond powder grinding wheel, which has been successfully applied in ultra-precision grinding.

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