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The Status of Cubic Boron Nitride Abrasive Industry

As a new material, the manufacturing process of cubic boron nitride combines cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in materials science, chemistry, high-pressure physics, mechanical mechanics and other disciplines, with a high technical threshold.

Overall, as a kind of new material, it needs a process for customers to know and understand cubic boron nitride and cultivate the market, but with the application of CBN grinding tools in the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, steel, machine tools, molds and various mechanical processing, cubic boron nitride is becoming the most preferred abrasive grinding processing. Because it helps to get precise geometry shape and size, better surface finish and surface integrity, and shorten the processing time. At the same time, the cubic boron nitride abrasive is very suitable for numerical control grinder, so its use is increasing.

The yield, quality and grade of cubic boron nitride products are closely related to various technical factors such as synthetic equipment, formula, raw materials and synthetic process. A large amount of investment and long-term technical accumulation are requested for any technology from research and development, test to final application in industrial production, and continuous technical improvement is needed in the process of production. Cubic boron nitride abrasive production process is complex with no deep technical accumulation and advanced production process. There will be low yield, unstable product quality, etc. in the process of manufacturing cubic boron nitride abrasive.

With the rapid development of modern manufacturing industry and the continuous intensification of industry competition, CBN abrasive enterprises without profound technological accumulation and continuous technological upgrading ability but only relying only on low-cost competition will be gradually eliminated by the market. The technical barriers of the cubic boron nitride abrasive industry will be further highlighted.