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The types of diamond wire drawing die

The materials for wire drawing die include: alloy steel, hard alloy, natural diamond, artificial single crystal diamond, artificial polycrystalline diamond, ceramic and other materials, as well as  made by various chemical heat treatment, chemical gas deposition, physical gas deposition and other methods. mold.

(1) Steel mold

The materials used to make steel molds are mainly carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel. Due to the poor hardness and abrasion resistance and short life of steel molds, they have long been replaced by other molds.

(2) Natural diamond (NC) mold

Natural diamonds are the earliest use of  wire drawing  mold materials in the world. The quality of the pull -up line has gradually become popular in the 1960s. Because natural diamond is expensive, it is only used to make small diameter molds.

(3) Hard alloy model

Hard alloys entered the market in the early 20th century. By the 1950s, they replaced the softer steel molds. Its production technology continued to be updated and quality continued to improve, becoming the main material in the wire industry. Hard alloys are produced by powder metallurgical, which are synthesized by carbides (tungsten, titanium) and melting agent. The less the amount of drilling in the drawing mold, the harder the mold texture, but too little molds will become crispy. In addition, the thinner tungsten carbide particles, the higher the hardness.

(4) Artificial polycrystalline diamond (PCD) mode

The development of polycrystalline diamonds around 1970 brought huge changes to the wire pull industry, which made the entire processing process more efficient and stable. Artificial polycrystalline diamond is made of artificial diamond particles and metal melting cobalt molten under high temperature and high pressure. The mass alloy mold is 50 ~ 500 times long, and has good wear resistance and the maintenance of the mold hole circles, strong anti -tensile capacity, low mold cost, and the quality of the wires made by the pull -made wires. Quality alloys, especially in the process of continuous high -speed brushes, show their superiority. However, the domestic polycrystalline diamond has a large porosity, and the surface roughness value of the inner pores of the diamond wire drawing die finished product is high.

(5) Ceramics

In recent years, ceramic brushes have been launched in Japan, and its cost is much lower than the artificial polycrystal mold. Although this drawing model is not important during the pull -up process, it plays an important role in the tightness, twisted and guided processes of twisted machines and machines.

(6) Surface enhancement

Because natural diamonds and excellent artificial polycrystalline diamond prices are much higher than hard alloy, people have used various means to change the alloy composition on the surface of the hard alloy  wire drawing  mold holes and the structure of the hard alloy drawing model, which improves its life span , To the need for high -speed drawing.

Generally speaking, the selection of brushing molds should consider the material of the  wire drawing  mold and the material of the items to be pulled. On the basis of being able to ensure that the items of the items are pulled, it is best to ensure the life of the drawing mold; and the two of the two; The abrasion resistance cannot be particularly different, so as to avoid excessive wear of the two, which will cause the product to fail or cause the drawing mold to destroy or scrap it. At the same time Below, maximize the benefits and minimize the cost
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