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What Materials Are Suitable for Processing with PCD Cutting Tools? How to Grind Them?

As we all know, PCD cutting tools are diamond composite materials used for cutting. After decades of development, they possess the advantages of high hardness, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high elastic modulus, and low friction coefficient. Currently, they are widely used in various industries. Let's take a look at what materials they are suitable for processing and how to sharpen them.

What materials are suitable for PCD cutting tools?

PCD cutting tools are diamond powders that have been sintered together by metal binders such as cobalt at high temperatures and ultra-high pressures. They are formed into milling cutters for milling machining. Currently, this type of tool can generally be used to process platinum, gold, silver, aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, synthetic fibers, carbon fibers, glass, plastics, wood, and composite materials, among others.

How to sharpen PCD cutting tools?

The high hardness and high wear resistance of PCD cutting tools make them difficult to sharpen, but many scholars have conducted numerous experiments on this issue and achieved certain results. Currently, the most ideal method is to use diamond grinding wheels or abrasives. However, don't be too happy because the sharpening of PCD cutting tools requires some requirements for tooling. The following three points are generally needed:

  • The machine tool must have a good process system rigidity.

  • The machine tool must have a short-stroke oscillating mechanism with adjustable travel and speed.

  • The machine tool's tool holder must have high-precision rotation function and online detection device.

The above is a simple introduction to what materials are suitable for PCD cutting tools and how to sharpen them.

Overall, PCD cutting tools are composite materials that can work under high temperatures and ultrahigh pressures. Their high hardness and wear resistance make them difficult to sharpen. We hope that the future of PCD cutting tools will be better and their applications will become more widespread.

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