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Etched Diamond Powder

Etched diamond powder is a kind of diamond micropowder product whose surface is deeply etched. It is a new type of abrasive between single crystal diamond and polycrystalline diamond. One of this is made of resin diamond micropowder as raw material and processed by special technology. It is used in most fields to replace polycrystalline diamond micropowder.

1. Product advantages
The advantages of etched diamond are mainly reflected in grinding and polishing.For example, compared with single crystal diamond, because the surface has rich cutting edges, high removal rate, can greatly shorten the process time.And because the cutting edge is thin and dense, while sharp, the surface of the workpiece after grinding has a higher smoothness.Roughness can be greatly reduced.Reduce the grinding process steps, improve the overall production efficiency.

2. Application
Etched diamond powder can be used for the polishing of ceramic cover plates, glass thinning, diamond jewelry, cemented carbide, optical instruments, glass, ceramics, etc. and the manufacture of diamond tools, etc.

3. Morphology
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