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Diamond wire

Divided by production process, diamond wire can be divided into electroplated diamond wire and resin diamond wire. The diamond cutting wire is made by coating diamond on the steel wire by a certain method. Through the diamond cutting machine, the diamond cutting wire can form a relative grinding motion with the object, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.

The diamond wire is made of a fixed abrasive diamond saw wire by consolidating the high-hardness, high-wear-resistance diamond micro powder on the steel wire matrix by the method of composite electroplating. 90% of the tensile strength in the cutting process comes from the steel wire, so the steel wire is very important to the diamond wire.

During the cutting process of the free abrasive wire saw, the grinding liquid is directly sprayed onto the steel wire and the silicon crystal from the nozzle, and the free abrasive is driven by the steel wire of the wire mesh to cut the silicon crystal. Unlike free abrasives, the diamond wire differentially consolidates the diamond to the steel wire, which moves back and forth to cut the silicon crystal.

The traditional mortar uses the rapid movement of the steel wire to bring the abrasive-containing liquid into the cutting seam of the workpiece to produce a cutting effect. During the cutting process, the silicon carbide is washed down, and only continuous rolling grinding is performed, which reduces the cutting efficiency. Silicon carbide has a hardness of 9.5 (Mohs), while diamond has a hardness of 10 (Mohs). The line speed of gold steel wire cutting is basically 15m/s, and the line speed of mortar for normal cutting is basically 9-11.5m/s. And if the gold steel wire makes a breakthrough, it should be harder, and at the same time have better self-sharpening (thermally stable polycrystalline diamond), more stable consolidation method, and faster line speed.

Compared with traditional technology, diamond cutting wire has three advantages:

1) Diamond wire cutting has less leakage, long service life, fast cutting speed, high cutting efficiency, and increased production capacity;

2) The quality is controlled, the single-chip cost is low, and the damage layer caused by diamond wire cutting is smaller than that of mortar wire cutting, which is conducive to cutting thinner silicon wafers;

3) Environmental protection, the diamond wire uses water-based grinding fluid (mainly water), which is conducive to improving the working environment and simplifies the subsequent processing procedures such as cleaning.

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