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The Application Of CVD Diamond

Because CVD diamond does not contain any metal catalyst, its thermal stability is close to natural diamond. Like the high -temperature and high -pressure artificial synthetic polystal diamond, the CVD diamond grains are also disorderly arranged, and there is no crispy explanation surface, so it presents the same sex. CVD diamond is now used as a tool material.


The high CVD diamond hardness and abrasion resistance make the diamond film an excellent tool material. As a tool material, diamond film can be used by two different applications. The first form is to peel off the diamond membrane after the deposition, then cut, grind it again, and weld it to the end of the tool. Because the intensity of this kind of welding is much lower than the binding strength between the PCD material diamond layer and the hard alloy. When it is applied to disconnected cutting, the connection of the interface is very fragile. If you can solve the problem of welding of CVD diamonds, the CVD diamond knife material will be able to compete with PCD materials in the field of mechanical processing. Compared with diamond PCD, this material has the advantages of good thermal stability and long service life. The disadvantage is that the internal agglomeration between the grains is low, and the material shows a large internal stress and brittleness. In addition, due to the lack of conductivity of CVD diamond, it hinders the application of the material's application of electrical cutting and polishing processing technology. The technology has been widely used in the blade grinding and heavy blade grinding of the Diamond Stone tool, especially the wooden knife. The second form is to deposit the diamond membrane directly on the surface of the tool. The thickness of the film is thinner and the cost is low. This method is also insufficient: the sedimentary film's adhesion for the substrate material is not easy to improve.


An important nature of CVD diamond is that it has a very high thermal guidance. Under room temperature, the thermal conductivity of diamonds is five times that of copper. At the same time, it itself is an excellent insulation material. Therefore, diamond membrane can be used to make radiator materials for high -power optoelectronic elements. CVD diamond optical application. It has a high spectral passage in a long wavelength range from ultraviolet to far infrared. Coupled with the excellent mechanical and thermal nature of diamonds, the diamond film has become an excellent optical window material that can be used in harsh environments.

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