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Development of Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

China is a large wire rod production country, and its output ranks first in the world. Diamond wire drawing dies manufacturing industry has developed rapidly since the 1980s. With the continuous improvement of the manufacturing level of drawing dies and its production technology, the manufacturing technology of drawing dies in China has made further development, especially in the material and structure of drawing dies. But generally speaking, there is still a big gap between China and foreign countries. Although the types of drawing dies produced overseas are similar to those in China, their materials and production process are more advanced. The processing accuracy, durability and wear resistance of drawing dies are better than those of our products. Therefore, it is an important task for dies making industry to strengthen the management of dies making, improve the quality level of drawing dies and promote the progress of dies making technology.

Diamond wire drawing dies are important wire-drawing consumable dies for all kinds of metal wire manufacturers (Such as wire and cable factory, steel wire factory, welding rod and welding wire factory, etc). The wire drawing dies are widely used for drawing bar, wire, filament, pipe and other linear objects which are hard to process. It is suitable for drawing steel, copper, tungsten, molybdenum and other metals and alloy materials. Because the cost of drawing die accounts for about 1% of drawing cost, how to reduce the cost of drawing die and improve its service life is an urgent problem to be solved for the metal wire rod production unit.

In order to improve production competitiveness, foreign metal products' industry has paid more and more attention to quality and manufacturing process of the drawing die. They started with improvement of drawing die life, and systematically studied the material, structure, manufacturing process, manufacturing equipment and testing instruments of the drawing die, then have developed composite drawing die, new materials of drawing die, new surface coating technology, new hole design method of drawing die, promoting the development of the world drawing production.