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Abrasives Industry Upgrade Time Is Coming

The global financial crisis has caused the abrasives industry to suffer. Some problems with abrasives and abrasives companies are also exposed. The innovation ability of enterprises is not strong and the technical content is low. The industry standard threshold is too low. Enterprise equipment is backward and management level is low. The enterprise industry chain is short, lack of market competitiveness and so on. Some small and medium-sized abrasives and abrasives enterprises have faced the collapse of production due to the impact of the financial crisis.

Under the current form, it is the period of rectification of the abrasives industry. Raise the threshold of the industry and set industry standards. Standardize the market and carry out acquisition and restructuring of some small enterprises that are not standardized. Reduce the pain and increase the overall competitiveness. The large-scale construction of affordable housing and the renovation of the subway next year will bring new opportunities to the industry. Industry rectification and regulation are essential. The timing of industrial upgrading of abrasives and abrasives companies has arrived.

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