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Market Applications of CVD Diamond

Diamond is one of the special materials in nature, which has the highest hardness, low friction coefficient, high elastic modulus, high thermal conductivity, high insulation, wide energy gap, high sound propagation rate and good chemical stability. With these excellent physical and chemical properties and lower cost than natural diamond, diamond film can prepare various geometric shapes and theoretically has no limitation on size. It has a wide application prospect in the industrial fields such as electronics, optics and machinery, and can be used for the development of military projects and dual-use projects.

1. Optical field

CVD diamond has good light transmission performance in the infrared region, and has strong anti-irradiation damage, corrosion resistance and wear resistance so that it can be used as X-ray window material and infrared window material for armored vehicles used in harsh environments. More importantly, the excellent seismic performance of CVD diamond enables it to maintain good optical performance under high temperature environment, which makes the diamond film the best choice for high-speed interceptor missile headgear, aviation aircraft window material, fighter aircraft nose detection window material and infrared array thermal imaging guide window.

2. High power laser window

The optical, thermal and mechanical properties of CVD diamond greatly enhance the performance of CO2 laser, so its power reaches the highest level. The high thermal conductivity will hardly cause the beam quality loss of thermal lens and also extend the life of optical devices. Therefore, CVD diamond has a very good application prospect in high-power industrial CO2 laser window.