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We will go to Zhengzhou Third Grinding Exhibition to Search the most Cutting-edge Abrasive Grinding

Zhengzhou abrasive industry has gone through a brilliant development process. At present, Zhengzhou has owned a series of advantages, such as industry research and development, talent, technological achievements, industry, information, market and industry service management. Third Grinding Exhibition was founded in 2011, which was held every two years. The first third grinding exhibition opened brilliantly in Zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center on November 11, 2011. So far, third grinding exhibition has gone through eight years. Looking back on the four exhibitions held, no matter in the number of exhibitors, the level and quantity of professional buyers, and the professionalism of the same period activities, third grinding exhibition is making continuous progress, using practical actions to tap trading opportunities for manufacturers and businessmen, and creating a high-quality platform for industry information interaction and sharing.

1 Grinding and abrasive materials and raw auxiliary materials

Superhard materials and products:

Artificial diamond, cubic boron nitride and its fine powder, PDC, PCD, PCBN, CVD diamond film and thick film, superhard material grinding, polishing and other tools.

Ordinary abrasive materials and products:

Corundum, silicon nitride (boron) and other common abrasives, common consolidation abrasives, refractories materials, and so on.

Coated abrasives:

Abrasive cloth, sandpaper and all kinds of special-shaped coating products.

Raw auxiliary materials:

Raw materials, moulds, all kinds of binding agent, metal powders, binders and substrates for superhard materials and ordinary abrasives are required.

2 Special equipment for abrasive manufacturing and testing

Artificial diamond press, shape selector, screening machine, magnetic separator, shaker, mixer, forming machine, cold press, sintering furnace, welding machine, PDC cutters, smelting furnace, crushing and grinding machine, firing and hardening (sulfur) equipment, grinding wheel processing equipment, abrasive cloth manufacturing and testing equipment, and so on.

3 The equipment and tools related to grinding

Grinding machine, grinding center, electrical processing equipment, grinding machine, polishing machine, honing machine, finishing machine, grinding robot and various accessories and related auxiliary materials and products.

Metal forming machine tools, metal cutting and welding equipment, CNC system and functional components, industrial automation, machine tool accessories and parts, and so on.
All kinds of tools, knives, measuring tools, and so on.

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