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The Use and Development of the Diamond Powder

Diamond powder is a kind of superhard and fine abrasive, which has been widely used in science and industry. Due to the need of development of the high and new technology, there are some noteworthy trends in the production of diamond powder.

Whether natural or artificial diamond powder is a kind of superhard and fine abrasive in the world today. With the development of high and new technology, it is more and more widely used in various industrial sectors.

Before the middle of the 1960s, 70% of the natural diamonds used in industry in the Soviet Union were used to make diamond powder, diamond abrasive plaster and diamond tools after crushing. Since artificial diamond was put into production of the industrial scale, almost all of these natural diamond products have been replaced by artificial diamond. According to statistics, by the end of the 1960s, 95% of the diamond tools manufactured by the Soviet Union were synthetic diamonds, and only 5% were natural diamonds. By the 1990s, the annual production of artificial diamonds in the former Soviet Union was about 100 million carats. Thus, it can be seen that the development of synthetic diamond in the former Soviet Union is rapid and the amount of diamond powder is large.

The grinding ability of diamond is 1.25 times larger than that of cubic boron nitride, 2.85-3.57 times larger than that of silicon carbide and 6.25-7.14 times larger than that of white corundum. Therefore, diamond powder, as a kind of super hard abrasive material, has incomparable superior abrasive ability, which has been paid more and more attention by developed countries. The grinding ability of diamond powder includes grinding ability of workpiece and its wear resistance and crushing resistance, which depends on its microhardness, particle size, strength, particle shape, thermal stability and chemical stability.

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