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The Characteristics of Polycrystalline Material and PCD Wire Drawing Die Blanks

The research and development of PCD marks a new stage in the application of superhard materials. With the deep development of polycrystalline materials technology, the properties of polycrystalline materials have been continuously improved, and the application scope has been expanded to many fields of industrial processing and production. At present, polycrystalline materials are mainly used to manufacture cutting teeth of geological and mineral drilling tools, billets of high-grade wire drawing dies and cutter heads of various industrial tools. The corresponding intermediate products of polycrystalline materials include high-end drilling-grade composite sheets such as PCD composite sheets for oil and natural gas drilling bits, middle and low end drilling grade composite sheets such as PCD composite sheets for coal field and mining tools, PCD high-grade drawing die blanks (hereinafter referred to as "PCD wire drawing die blanks") and PCD / PCBN composite sheets for cutting tools.

Wire drawing die is a very important consumable die for wire drawing by various metal wire manufacturers. Wire drawing die has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used for drawing bar, wire, filament, pipe and other linear objects which is difficult to process. It is suitable for drawing of steel, copper, tungsten, molybdenum and other metal and alloy materials. The PCD wire drawing die blanks is the main material for producing high-grade drawing die. PCD drawing die is used for drawing copper, aluminum, stainless steel and various alloy wires. Its service life is 100-300 times than that of cemented carbide drawing die, and the size of the drawn wire is uniform, the finish is high and the output is high.

Drawing die market is driven by the huge demand of wire rod in industrial production and engineering construction, and its market capacity is considerable. However, due to the high production cost and price of PCD wire drawing die blanks, only some end users with higher requirements for drawing effect and precision choose PCD wire drawing die blanks, so its market capacity is relatively limited.