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Production Process of Diamond Micro Powder

1. Granularity characteristics of diamond micro powder

Diamond powder refers to diamond particles finer than 60 microns. There are two types of single crystal diamond powder and polycrystalline diamond powder.

Diamond powder belongs to micron, sub-micron and nano powder in terms of its particle size. Compared with coarse-grained powder, its specific surface area and specific surface functional groups are significantly increased, so in the production process, the force between the particles is greatly increased. In addition, with the refinement of the particle size, the defects of the particles themselves are reduced and the strength is bound to increase.

It can be seen that the production process of diamond micro powder is quite difficult. It is not only a process of particle refinement, but also changes in crystal structure and surface physical and chemical properties. Therefore, the production process of diamond micro powder is a multi-disciplinary engineering technology issue involving machinery, powder engineering, mechanics, physical chemistry, modern instruments and testing technology.

2. Diamond powder production equipment

Diamond powder is obtained by crushing and grading coarse-grained single crystal diamond. Using a ball mill to crush diamonds to produce diamond powder is the most commonly used method. However, due to the shortcomings of low production efficiency, it has been replaced by a jet mill. The jet mill uses compressed air as the working medium, and the compressed air is jetted into the crushing chamber at high speed through a special supersonic nozzle. The airflow carries the material at high speed, causing strong collision, friction and shear between the material and the material to achieve the purpose of crushing.

3. Strength classification process of diamond powder

Grading is a very important process in the production of diamond powder. It involves the production efficiency and quality of diamond micro powder. The most widely used diamond micro powder particle size classification method is the combination of natural sedimentation and centrifugation to produce micro powder.