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Study on Domestication of Resin Bond Mesh Diamond

By comparing the properties of steel wire samples at home and abroad, the domestic steel wire for test was selected. On this basis, the surface activated carbon and acid used for surface treatment of steel wire were optimized. Finally, resin bond mesh diamond was made from the optimized domestic steel wire, and compared to resin bond mesh diamond wire of foreign steel wire matrix. The results show that the composition and properties of domestic No. 3 steel wire are close to those of imported steel wire; the surface effect of steel wire treated with AEO-9 surfactant and phosphoric acid is better, and the resin bond mesh diamond linearity produced by domestic steel wire meets the quality standard of diamond wire produced by imported steel wire and can fully meet the application requirements.

Overseas research on resin bond mesh diamond wire is relatively mature and has been widely used in the field of silicon wafer cutting. However, domestic technology of diamond wire cutting started relatively late, and steel wire matrix still mainly depends on imports, which leads to the geometric growth of production cost, greatly restricting the application of resin bond mesh diamond wire in photovoltaic industry. Therefore, it is necessary to find domestic steel wires with high quality and low price to reduce production costs so as to improve the competitiveness of resin bond mesh diamond wires in the domestic market and break the monopoly of foreign resin diamond wires on core technology.

We use domestic steel wire to develop resin bond mesh diamond wire to reduce production costs. Through the selection and surface treatment of domestic steel wire, the resin diamond wire with completely independent intellectual property rights can be manufactured, and the cutting efficiency of resin bond mesh diamond wire abroad can be achieved, which has broad market prospects.