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Thoughts and Suggestions on Abrasives Enterprises

With the acceleration of the penetration and expansion of the new generation of information technology represented by the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, etc. into the industrial field, the Internet has gradually shifted from production tools to production factors.

New modes of new formats based on the Internet continue to emerge. A considerable number of abrasives entrepreneurs who are eager to transform are not familiar with Internet technology and have little Internet thinking. If the Internet transformation is still carried out within the original system, then everything in the tradition will face challenges. Whether there is enough awareness and preparation is the key to determining the success or failure of the transformation.

It is not easy for abrasive abrasives to transform to "Internet +". It must be a change of corporate thinking mode, not the use of various tools. Of course, tools are just like the soil where flowers and plants grow. Under the background of "Internet +", enterprises should seize the important opportunity of information productivity, and develop a new path for the development of “Internet +” around R&D, production, sales, management and service according to their own industry characteristics and actual needs.

Specifically, it can be divided into the following three steps.

First, it is necessary to strengthen the internal information construction of enterprises, improve the transparency of information resources, the integration of information management, and the sharing of information among various departments, so as to optimize the existing business model of the enterprise.

The second is to comprehensively open up the internal manufacturing system and the relationship between the company and external customers and partners. Through information transfer and information interaction, the optimal allocation of industry chain resources and real-time response of customer needs are realized.

The third is to establish a networked ecosystem. The company focuses on customer needs, organizes various production resources, and integrates information. Through cross-border operations and service transformation, companies provide customers with more products and services to meet the diverse needs of customers. In general, companies need to introduce customer engagement, industry chain collaboration, networked production, intelligent management, and service transformation to achieve innovation in business models and management models, ultimately achieving greater economic value.

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