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Development of Wire Drawing Die

China is a big wire rod producer with the highest output in the world. China's wire drawing die manufacturing industry has developed rapidly since the 1980s. With the continuous improvement of drawing die manufacturing level and production process, the manufacturing technology of drawing die in China has further developed, especially in the material and structure of drawing die. But generally speaking, there is still a big gap with foreign countries.

Although the types of wire drawing dies produced abroad are similar to those produced at home, the materials and processes used are more advanced. The processing accuracy, durability and wear resistance of wire drawing dies are better than those of our products. Therefore, strengthening the management of die making, improving the quality level of wire drawing die and promoting the progress of die making technology are the important issues facing the die making industry at present.

In order to improve the production competitiveness of foreign metal products industry, more and more attention has been paid to the improvement of the quality of drawing die and manufacturing process. Starting from improving the life of drawing die, the material, structure, manufacturing technology, manufacturing equipment and testing instrument of drawing die were systematically studied. The development of composite drawing die, new material of drawing die, new technology of surface coating and new pass design method of drawing die have promoted the development of world wire drawing production.

As a manufacturer of PCD drawing die, we sincerely hope to work together with customers at home and abroad to seek common development and strive to sell our products to all over the world.