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The Coating Technology of Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride CBN Tools is Discussed

1. What is cutter coating?

Cutter coating is a kind of technology to form a certain film on the cutter surface by chemical or physical methods, so that the cutter can obtain excellent comprehensive cutting performance, which can effectively meet the requirements of high-speed machining. Since the advent of hard coated cutters in the early 1970s, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology and physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology have been developed one after another, which open a new charter for cutter performance. Compared with uncoated cutters, coated cutters have significant advantages: greatly improved use life, cutting efficiency, and machining accuracy; significantly improved the surface quality of the workpiece processed; effectively reducing the consumption of cutter materials, processing cost, consumption of coolant, which is environmental friendly.

By cooperating with professional coating partners, users can often improve the efficiency of the cutter in the whole life cycle. As one of professional and mature China abrasive manufacturers of coated abrasives, Henna E-Grind Abrasives Co., Ltd. can provide you with the highest quality coated abrasives and coated dimonds.

2. Common cutter coating

(1) Titanium nitride coating: titanium nitride (TIN) is a kind of universal PVD coating, which can improve the cutter hardness and has a higher oxidation temperature. The coating can be used in high speed steel cutters or forming cutters to obtain good machining effect.

(2) Diamond coating: CVD diamond coating can provide the best performance for non-ferrous metal processing cutters, and it is an ideal coating for processing graphite, metal matrix composites (MMC), high silicon aluminum alloy and many other super abrasive materials (Note: pure diamond coated cutters can not be used for processing steel parts, because a large amount of cutting heat will be generated when processing steel parts, which will lead to chemical reaction. The adhesive layer between the coating and the cutter will be destroyed).

(3) Cubic boron nitride coating: cubic boron nitride is second only to diamond in terms of hardness and thermal conductivity. It has excellent thermal stability and does not oxidize when heated to 1000 ℃. Cubic boron nitride (CBN) has very stable chemical properties for iron group metals. It can be widely used in finishing and grinding iron and steel products, which is different from diamond. In addition to excellent wear resistance, CBN coating can also be used to process heat-resistant steel, titanium alloy, quenched steel, high hardness cold hardened roll, carbon doped quenched material and Si Al alloy which can seriously wear cutters. CVD and PVD are the main methods to synthesize CBN films with low pressure phase. CVD includes chemical transport PCVD, hot wire assisted heating PCVD and ECR-CVD. Manufacturing methods of PVD include reactive ion beam plating, active reaction evaporation, laser evaporation, ion beam assisted deposition. There is a long way to go on research and application of CBN synthesis technology, including reaction mechanism and film forming process, plasma diagnosis and mass spectrometry analysis, determination of optimal process conditions, development of high efficiency equipment, etc.

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