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Resin Bonded Products

Diamond soft abrasive resin powder is widely used, Eagle Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of resin bonded diamond powder products. The resin powder is modified by high-grade phenolic resin powder and imported raw materials. It is mainly used for diamond resin grinding wheel, diamond resin soft grinding disc, CBN resin grinding wheel grinding disc, grinding block, diamond resin ultra-fine grinding disc and other products. Using this resin powder as binder, the super hard material products have very good grinding efficiency and durability.

Application characteristics of resin bonded products for diamond:

1. It has good wettability and bonding properties with copper powder, graphite and other fillers. When making large and thick products, there are no bubbles and cracks, and the yield is very high.
2. The grinding efficiency is much higher than that of ordinary phenolic resin.
3. Low wear, the manufactured products have a higher durability than ordinary phenolic resin, increasing by about 20%~30%.
4. After curing, the heat-resistant temperature and mechanical strength of products is higher.
5. Molding equipment and process are the same as ordinary phenolic resin, and the curing speed is fast.

Technical Indicators: Physical form: White or yellowish fine powder. Density: 1.25g/cm3, particle size: less than 200 meshes, curing temperature: 1900 ℃. Softening point: 100 ~ 1050 ℃.
Melting point: 84 ~ 900 ℃. Gel time: 3~4 minutes (1500 ℃). Martin's heat resistance temperature: more than 2500 ℃ water absorption: 0.2-0.3%. Storage period: more than half a year (less than 200 ℃).
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