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Production and Application of Micron Diamond Powder

Micron diamond powder refers to diamond particles with particle size less than 60 microns.

There are two types of micron diamond powder: single crystal diamond powder and polycrystalline diamond powder.

1. Micron diamond powder is produced by artificial diamond single crystal Abrasives through grinding, shaping and special process.

2. Polycrystalline diamond powder is made from graphite by a unique directional blasting method. The shock wave of directional blasting of high explosive speed accelerates the flight of metal flyer and impacts graphite, which results in the transformation of graphite into polycrystalline diamond.

Micron diamond powder has high hardness and good wear resistance. It can be widely used in cutting, grinding, drilling and so on. It is an ideal raw material for grinding and polishing high hardness materials such as cemented carbide, ceramics, gemstones and optical glass. Diamond powder products are tools and components made of diamond powder.

Micron diamond powder belongs to micron, submicron and nanometer powder in terms of its particle size. Compared with coarse-grained powder, its specific surface area and specific surface functional groups are obviously increased, so the interaction force between particles is greatly increased in the production process. In addition, with the refinement of particle size, the defect of the particle itself decreases, and the strength will inevitably increase. It can be seen that the production process of diamond powder is quite difficult. It is not only a process of grain refinement, but also accompanied by changes in crystal structure and surface physical and chemical properties. Therefore, the production process of diamond powder is a multi-disciplinary engineering technology problem involving machinery, powder engineering, mechanics, physical chemistry, modern instruments and testing technology.