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High Quality Hexagonal CBN Powder Appears

First, Product Profile

Hexagonal boron nitride, BN and graphite are isoelectronic bodies. It is called white graphite, owning a layered structure similar to graphite. It has good lubricity, electrical insulation, thermal conductivity and chemical corrosion resistance and neutron absorption capacity. Chemical properties are stable and become inert for all molten metals. Molded products are easy to machine and have high moisture resistance. The melting point under nitrogen pressure is 3000℃ and sublimated at 2500℃ under atmospheric pressure. Its theoretical density is 2.29 grams every cubic centimeter. Mohs hardness is 2, oxidation resistance is 900℃, high temperature is 2000℃, melting point is 3000℃ in nitrogen and argon. Boron nitride is a chemical inert material, which is stable up to 2700 C in argon atmosphere.

Second, Basic Characteristic

1. It also has good lubricity at high temperature and is a good solid lubricant of the high temperature.
2. It has strong neutron absorption capacity.
3. Chemical properties are stable and show inert feature to almost all molten metals.
4. Its products have excellent properties which are easy to machine.

Third, application

The product has the following characteristics:
1. Product quality is stable;
2. Electrical insulation is good;
3. Low dielectric constant and dielectric loss;
4. High temperature stability;
5. Thermal conductor;
6. High temperature lubrication;
7. Chemical inert materials.

The main uses of the products are as follows:
1. Solid lubricants in high temperature environment;
2. Demoulding agents in casting and injection moulding;
3. Raw materials for producing cbn powder;
4. Preparation of composite ceramics products;
5. Cosmetic additives;
6. Manufacture of electrical insulating materials;
7. Coating of electrical instruments.