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Mesh, mm, micron conversion relationship table

In the actual production of crushing mill, it is necessary to deal with the particle size of the material. What does the mesh mean, and how much is the relationship between millimeter and micron?

Mesh: refers to the number of empty holes in the screen per square inch. 50 mesh means 50x50 holes per square inch, and 500 mesh means 500x500 holes. The higher the mesh, the more holes. In addition to representing the holes in the screen, it is also used to represent the size of the particles that can pass through the screen. The higher the mesh, the smaller the size.

Mesh number: is the number of holes, is the number of holes per square inch. The larger the number of mesh, the smaller the aperture. In general, mesh number x aperture (microns)=15000. For example, 400-mesh screens have a diameter of about 38 microns; The aperture of the 500 mesh screen is about 30 microns.

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