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Main Applications and Technical Status of Composite Superhard Materials

At present, the products of composite superhard materials are mainly divided into four categories: polycrystalline diamond composite sheets for oil and gas drill bits, polycrystalline diamond composite sheets for coal mines, polycrystalline diamond high-grade wire drawing mold blanks, polycrystalline diamond, polycrystalline cubic nitrogen Boron composite sheet.

(1) Polycrystalline diamond composite sheet for oil and gas drill bits

The oil and gas polycrystalline diamond composite sheet is a sintered composite of a cutting layer and a cemented carbide substrate layer composed of a mixture of numerous minute diamond particles and a binder under high temperature and pressure. It has high strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and good self-sharpening properties, which make it applicable to the field of rock drilling. This product is mainly used as cutting teeth for oil and gas drills, and is the core component for cutting and boring on the drill.

(2) Polycrystalline diamond composite sheet for coal mining bits

Due to its high hardness, strong wear resistance, and good impact toughness, the composite superhard materials can be used not only for the production of petroleum and natural gas drill bits, but also for the production of PCD composite sheets for coal mining bits. Its use is not limited to drilling and cutting tools for coal field and mining operations. It can also be widely used to manufacture drilling tools in many fields such as building construction, hydropower engineering construction, rock drilling and crushing, and highway repair.

(3) Polycrystalline diamond high-grade drawing die blank

The wire drawing die is a very important consumable die for drawing wire by various metal wire manufacturers (such as wire and cable factories, steel wire factories, welding wire factories, etc.). The scope of application of wire drawing die is very wide. It is mainly used for drawing linear and difficult-to-machine objects such as bars, wires, wires, pipes, etc., and is suitable for drawing of steel and copper, tungsten, molybdenum and other metal and alloy materials. Composite superhard material is the most ideal material for manufacturing high-grade wire drawing dies.

(4) Composite sheet for cutting tools

PCD / PCBN tool composites can be used to replace almost all traditional carbide tools and have a wide range of applications, including manufacturing automotive parts, processing wood, mining stone, CNC machine tools, etc. Due to the huge scale of its downstream industry, the market demand for tool composites is also huge.