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Inspection of diamond micro powder 2

1.Micro powder particle size measurement method

Micro -powder's particle size measurement, there are multiple instruments to use. For example, biological microscope, projection microscope, image analyzer, projection electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, Kurite particle size analyzer, etc. When the biological microscope observes diamond micro powder, select the appropriate magnification. Observation 1.5 μm with fine powder, it is best to enlarge 1500 times or 2000 times to observe, the effect is better; the finest microscope observation of the biochemical microscope can reach 0.25 μm and less than 0.25 μm. It is best to use scanning electron microscope observation.
The particle size distribution of micro powder has a certain effect on the cutting efficiency and grinding roughness of the material. For fine grinding and polishing processes, the content of coarse particles in diamond micron powder always requires less coarse particles, less long strip particles, and high basic particle size content. Especially for micro-powder for electroplating products, it is necessary to be as high as the micro-powder, and the particle size is uniform. In this way, it is easier to control the height of the blade of the micro powder when plating, and the product uses is good.

2.Inspection of shape of micro powder

The shape of the micro powder is better when polishing, and it is better to accumulate as the spherical particles and equal. In the micro powder standard, needle rod -shaped particles refer to the ratio of long axis to short shafts exceeding 3: 1. The needle rod -shaped particles exceeding the maximum particle size cannot be available in micro powder, but the needle rod -shaped particles with the length between the maximum nominal size and the maximum particles allow no more than 3 %.
Under the microscope, light -transmitting observation is a transparent sheet particle. Those with less than D5 can be regardless of the size, and the slices of diamond micro powder -like particles do not exceed 5 %.

3.Inspection of micro powder impurities content

The content of various particle size of diamond micro power does not exceed 2 %, including metal impurities and non -metal impurities. It mainly includes: Si, Fe, Mn, CO, Ni, Ti, CA, MG, NA, etc. The quality required by composite micro powder is relatively high, and the impurities are controlled within about 5 × 10-5.
Use the combustion loss method to measure the impurities in the micro powder, take 0.5 g micro powder from the sample, put it in the constant weight, and place it in the Movie furnace, burn it at 1000 ° C to the constant weight, calculate the quality score

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