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What Is the Use of Diamond Powder?

Everyone knows diamonds. So I believe many people will understand that diamond powder is diamond powder. Diamond powder, also known as diamond micro powder, is widely used in high-hardness non-metal brittle and hard materials such as hard alloys, ceramics, glass, crystals, etc. It is used in different resin binders or ceramic binders to produce polishing abrasives, abrasive pastes, abrasives, or as loose abrasives.

Diamond's hardness is the highest among natural materials, but its brittleness is also high, and it has moderate cleavage physical properties. When a diamond crystal is impacted, it is easier to break along the cleavage plane. If the crystal has internal defects, it is more likely to cause damage to the diamond crystal. Industrial diamond powder is processed using this property of diamond crystals.

Put the raw materials (synthetic diamond particles, small particles of industrial diamonds and jewellery from jewelry diamond processing) into a special ball mill for processing, crush them by mechanical impact and grinding, and go through coarse screening-pickling-drying-fine screening and other processes to obtain diamond powder with different particle sizes.

Diamond powder is generally off-white. The diamond is crushed into powder, and after strict sieving, different types of diamond powder can be made, and the extremely fine ones are used for polishing. Therefore, the diamond powder can be a gem polishing agent, and rubbing with the gem can polish the gem and show a dazzling gloss.

Due to the high hardness of diamond powder, all gems can be polished with good results and high efficiency, but it is expensive.

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