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Grinding problem and solution of PCD tool

PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) is a crystalline diamond when synthetic diamond powder is sintered at high temperature and high pressure. It is the same as single crystal diamond with high hardness and wear resistance

PCD processing difficulties

PCD material because of its high hardness, the processing process is easy to produce high temperature, high hardness also makes the grinding processing efficiency is not good, so it is difficult to grind materials

PCD grinding solution

  • Abrasive selection:
  • To be able to process PCD materials, it is necessary to choose a higher hardness than its abrasive, so only use diamond or CBN abrasive superabrasive grinding wheel
  • Binding agent selection:
  • But superabrasive grinding wheel is mostly resin bond, but if you want to face PCD material, ceramic bond will be more suitable. Because ceramic binder sintering can produce more pores, and ceramic heat resistance is good, sharp cutting, so it is not easy to heat and expansion. In high hardness grinding, the grinding efficiency and precision will be higher than the general resin diamond grinding wheel.
Therefore, to process PCD materials, the most appropriate choice is to use ceramic bonding superabrasive wheel.

PCD special ceramic diamond grinding wheel

Suitable for coarse, medium, fine and super fine grinding of PCD/CBN cutting tools. In addition to grinding PCD/PCBN/Monocrystal standard tools, can also grinding PCD milling cutter, reamer, etc

Characteristic advantage
The abrasive layer with multi-porosity structure allows debris to be easily removed from the workpiece, while taking away more heat generated during grinding, thus preventing vertical striations on the workpiece and improving surface quality.

Perfect dimensional tolerance control for CNC and manual grinding machines

Good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency, high wear resistance, less abrasive consumption

The use of ceramic binder can make PCD/CBN tool to achieve good surface finish and avoid cutting edge breakage, so as to reduce the rejection rate and improve the precision of PCD/CBN tool

The service life of ceramic bonded grinding wheel is more than 10 times that of resin bonded grinding wheel, and can be easily trimmed online
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