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Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of Wire Drawing Dies

All kinds of wire drawing dies have their own characteristics. Among them, the wire drawing die of natural diamond is the most expensive, and it is also very difficult to process. At the same time, because of the anisotropy of the natural diamond, the hardness varies greatly in the radial range, and it is easy to cause severe wear in a certain direction, so the natural diamond die is only suitable for processing the wire with small straight diameter. Although with low hardness of cemented carbide die, high quality of wire drawn by cemented carbide die and low surface roughness, the wear resistance of cemented carbide die is poor, and the service life of die is short. CVD coating wire drawing die has good wear resistance due to its diamond performance. The surface roughness of wire drawing is relatively low, but the manufacturing process of CVD coating wire drawing die is complex, and its processing is difficult and cost is high. When the coating is worn, the die will wear rapidly, which is not only difficult to ensure the processing quality, but also cannot be reused, so it can only be scrapped.

Although the drawing die can be used to process all kinds of metal and alloy materials such as steel, copper, tungsten, molybdenum, etc., the drawing dies of different materials have their own applicable processing scope. When the drawing dies of different materials are used to process the same wire rod, their wear patterns and service life are quite different. Therefore, wire drawing dies suppliers and their reasonable selection of the drawing die materials are the key to ensure the successful application. Drawing dies of different materials have relatively reasonable processing objects.

The rationality of drawing process mainly refers to the matching of the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of drawing die and wire rod to obtain the longest service life of die. For example, when drawing copper wires of the same diameter, the service life of the polycrystalline diamond die is 300-500 times longer than that of the carbide die, 80-100 times longer than that of the nickel die, 50-80 times longer than that of the carbide die when drawing molybdenum wire, and 20-60 times longer than that of the carbide die when drawing carbon steel. The lack of systematic research on the matching theory of drawing die and wire rod in China inevitably leads to blind selection and waste of resources. It is possible that the effect of one factor will cover up the effect of other factors. The above several forms of damage and friction wear may often be intertwined, which makes it more difficult to analyze the damage and wear mechanism of the drawing die.

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