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Characteristics, Production Technology and Application of Polycrystalline Diamond

Polycrystalline diamond powder is made from graphite using a unique directional blasting method. The shock wave of the directional blasting of high-explosive explosives accelerates the flying metal sheet and impacts the graphite sheet, resulting in the conversion of graphite into polycrystalline diamond. Its structure is very similar to that of natural diamond. It is made of unsaturated bonds and has good toughness.

Characteristics of polycrystalline diamond
The structure is very similar to the natural Carbonado. It is composed of spherical crystallites with a crystallite size of only 3-10 nm.

Excellent grinding performance: high removal rate and toughness, self-sharpening

Compared with single crystal diamond, it is less prone to surface scratches. It is more suitable for grinding workpieces whose surface is composed of different hardness materials.

Production process of polycrystalline diamond
The first production invention of polycrystalline diamond was invented by DuPont of the United States. The key to production is to use the detonation method to obtain fine powder raw materials.

Application fields of polycrystalline diamond
As a precision abrasive, it is used for ultra-precision grinding and polishing of sapphire, magnetic heads, hard disks, hard glass and crystals, ceramics and hard alloys, such as thinning of LED sapphire. As a coating additive, it is used for coating of metal molds, tools, parts, etc., which can greatly improve surface abrasion resistance, surface hardness, and extend service life. It is mainly used for grinding. It is also possible to make knives, which are less prone to chipping during cutting.

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