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CBN Application

As a material with hardness second only to diamond, CBN has high heat resistance and stability, and is mainly used for processing steel workpieces. The main applications are as follows.

1.Automobile manufacturing industry. Mainly aimed at coping with the problems of tool wear resistance, low efficiency or low machining accuracy, including engine cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, cylinder liners, crankshafts, transmission shafts, connecting rods, brake discs (brake discs, brake hubs), brake drums , Piston rings, water pumps, exhaust manifolds, etc.
2.Machinery industry. Mainly for turning processing of air-conditioning compressor related parts, mining machinery product parts, industrial pumps, etc., including compressor bearings/cylinders/screws, rollers, rolling mortar walls, industrial pumps, slurry pumps, impurity pumps, Roller etc.
3.Bearing and gear industry. Bearings and gears are used in various industries, including bearings, hub bearings, slewing rings, rear axle gears, ring gears, driven gears, wind power bearing gears, etc.
4.Roll industry. Mainly for high-hardness and difficult-to-process rolls, such as rebar rolls, wire rolls, plate rolls, etc., including high-nickel-chromium alloy cast iron rolls, high-speed steel rolls, infinite chilled cast iron rolls, forged steel cold rolls, cemented carbide rolls, etc.
5.Aerospace industry. The components of the aerospace industry have relatively high requirements for materials and machining accuracy. Using CBN tools to replace grinding can solve the problems of machining efficiency and accuracy, such as aero engine parts and aero structural parts.
6.Others. Such as molds, oil and gas equipment, medical equipment, etc.