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How to Improve the Service Life of Diamond Wire Drawing Dies Mould

Diamond wire drawing die is an important tool in the production of stainless steel wire and cable industry, especially in fine wire and micro wire. However, due to its high price and high production cost, how to effectively improve the service life of diamond wire drawing die is an important issue in wire rod production industry.

1. Introduction of Diamond Wire Drawing Die

There are two kinds of diamond wire drawing die: one is natural diamond die mould, which has the characteristics of high hardness and good wear resistance. The surface of wire rod is very high. As the natural diamond has anisotropy in structure, resulting in that it is also anisotropic in the hardness, so that the wear of die hole is not uniform, and the products are not uniform, and the price is expensive and it is rare. It is generally used in the surface of the fine wire drawing die or finished product drawing die with high quality requirements; the other is artificial polycrystalline diamond die. The artificial polycrystalline diamond is an undirected polycrystalline. It has the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance and strong impact resistance, which has the no anisotropy in hardness, uniform wear, long service life of die, and is suitable for high-speed drawing. Due to the problems of coarse grains and poor polishing performance of domestic polycrystalline billets, polycrystalline dies are mostly used as transition dies in domestic manufacturers at present, rather than as finished products. However, with the improvement of the intrinsic quality and processing level of polycrystalline die, there is a tendency to replace expensive natural diamond as finished die.

2. Analysis of Wear Reasons of Diamond Wire Drawing Die

The wear of mould caused by quality factors of drawing die
The wear of mould due to improper use in wire drawing process

3. Effective ways to prolong the service life of diamond wire drawing dies

Choose diamond wire drawing die of the high quality produced by advanced die processing technology as far as possible
Choosing diamond wire drawing die mould with the design of the good pass
Installation and use of wire drawing machine equipment should be reasonable
Wire for drawing must be pretreated.
Maintain an appropriate drawing face shrinkage rate
Use lubricants with good lubrication performance

4. Regular maintenance and repair of diamond wire drawing die

In conclusion, in order to prolong the service life of the drawing die, besides choosing suitable die material, designing reasonable pass size and improving the manufacturing level of the drawing die makes the surface finish of the die hole meet the technological requirements, and makes the reasonable pass compression rate to improve the operating conditions of the drawing die. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the mould in the process of using, and wash and change should be carried out frequently, and good lubrication effect should be ensured in the process of stretching.