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Effective Methods to Improve the Service Life of Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

1. What is a diamond wire drawing die?

The diamond wire drawing die refers to a tool that forces the diamond through the die under the action of external force during the diamond press processing, and the diamond cross-sectional area is compressed, and the required cross-sectional area shape and size are obtained.

2. Methods to improve the service life of diamond wire drawing dies

1. Maintain a suitable drawing surface shrinkage rate

The diamond wire drawing die itself has the characteristics of being hard and brittle. If it is used for the reduced diameter drawing with a large area shrinkage rate, it will easily lead to the stress that the die can withstand and be broken and scrapped. Therefore, according to the different mechanical properties of the wire, select the appropriate area shrinkage for drawing.The stainless steel wire is drawn with a diamond die, and generally the single-pass surface shrinkage rate does not exceed 20%.

2. Use lubricants with good lubricating properties

In the stretching process, the quality of lubricant and the supply of lubricant affect the service life of the drawing die. Therefore, the lubricant is required to have a stable oil base, good oxidation resistance, excellent lubricity, cooling and cleaning properties, and always maintain the best lubrication state throughout the production process, so as to form a film that can withstand high pressure without being damaged, reduce the friction in the working area and increase the service life of the mold. During use, the condition of the lubricating oil should be continuously observed. If severe discoloration or increase of metal powder in the lubricating oil is found, it should be replaced or filtered in time to avoid the lubricating performance of the lubricating oil from being degraded due to oxidation. At the same time, the fine metal particles falling off during the drawing process are prevented from damaging the diamond wire drawing die.

3. Regular maintenance and grinding of diamond wire drawing dies

In the process of long-term use of the wire drawing die, the die wall is strongly rubbed and scoured by the metal wire, which will inevitably produce abrasion. The most common one is the annular groove (dent) at the wire entrance in the working area. The appearance of the ring groove of the drawing die has aggravated the wear of the die hole, because the small particles of the core material peeled off due to the loosening of the ring groove are brought into the working area and the sizing area of the die hole by the metal wire, acting as an abrasive, and entering the wire of the die hole increases the wear of the die hole like a grinding pin. If it is not replaced in time for repair, the ring groove will continue to accelerate and expand, making repair more difficult, and there may even be cracks in the deeper part of the ring groove, causing the diamond wire drawing die to be completely broken and scrapped.