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Application Advantages of Polycrystalline Diamond

Now, when we look back at the industry's processing requirements for sapphire, silicon carbide, and other substrates, we will find that as the quality of the device largely relies on the surface processing of the substrate, it is then a must for factories to make sure the crystal surface is super smooth. However, since sapphire has high hardness and high brittleness, it is not easy to machine it. Thus, to resolve this kind of situation, one of the superabrasives, polycrystalline diamond, is needed.


During the polishing process, the coarse particles of polycrystalline diamond, which have the characteristics of toughness and self-sharpening, will be broken into smaller particles, thus showing more sharp surfaces. As a result, not only will the material removal rate of polycrystalline diamond be high, but the polishing of the sample surface will also be much softer and no scratches will be placed on the surface of the workpiece, which in turn not only ensures the surface quality of the workpiece, but also improves the efficiency of grinding and cutting. Therefore, when it comes to the processing of high-quality products, such as sapphire substrates, polycrystalline diamond does have its unique advantages.


In contrast, single crystal diamond has good dispersion, higher utilization of sharp corners, and higher cost performance. Thus, as for single crystal diamond, it is more suitable for polishing materials, such as ceramics.

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