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Advantages and Applications of Synthetic Diamond

Artificial diamond is also called "industrial diamond". Like natural diamond, it is the hardest substance known in nature today. Because of its extremely high hardness, compressive strength and wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good thermal conductivity and semiconductor properties, it is often manufactured by synthetic diamond suppliers of various tools, which is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, geology, petroleum, electronics, optics, construction, stone and other fields.

Artificial diamond is the hardest material known in the world. Natural diamond is a rare mineral on the earth. It is a crystalline form of carbon. Gemstone diamond is shining and translucent, which is made into diamond rings and jewelry. In modern times, after the discovery of various properties and use value of diamond, it began to be used in industry. Artificial diamond grinding wheel is a kind of artificial diamond product, which is made of synthetic diamond as the main raw material and other metal powder through high temperature and high pressure. It can be widely used in grinding of cemented carbide, non-ferrous metal and non-metal.

At present, artificial diamond products have been replacing traditional cemented carbide and silicon carbide in the fields of cutting, grinding, sawing and drilling because of their super-high hardness and outstanding wear resistance. They are widely used in all fields of national economy industry, such as stone, construction, highway, railway, geology, petroleum, airport, machinery, energy, aerospace and aviation, electric power, ceramics, electronics, optics and so on. The downstream demand is strong, and it has become an important industrial consumables for modern industry.

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