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The Influence of the Quality of Diamond Micro Powder on the Performance of PCD Composite Sheet

Diamond in the PCD layer accounts for more than 98% volume PDC cutter sheet, and the rest are the catalyst metal diffused and infiltrated from the cemented carbide base. Therefore, the quality of diamond powder plays a very important role in the final performance and consistency of the sintered product. Generally, the diamond micro powder used to produce PCD is a by-product produced in the process of industrial diamond powder synthesis. Diamond single crystals are mainly used in the stone cutting market, such as diamond saw blades and diamond grinding wheels.

There are mainly two types of catalysts for diamond synthesis: one is cobalt series and the other is iron-nickel alloy series. 

The quality of industrial diamond powder currently available on the market are widely varied. The fine powder used in the PCD sintering process is usually obtained by crushing the coarse-grained diamond single crystal, so the quality of the initial coarse-grained diamond single crystal will affect the quality of pdc cutter. According to the pressure and temperature parameters of the diamond sintering process, the diamond particles may develop into various shapes, such as a cube instead of an octahedron. Moreover, if the diamond single crystal develops too fast in the catalyst bath, it is possible that metal inclusions may be found inside the crystal grains after the sintering is completed.

Other possible quality problems are often related to the purification and cleaning process of diamond micro powder, which mainly refer to cleaning and removing the solid alloy catalyst material that occurs during the diamond synthesis process. The usual cleaning process is to dissolve diamond powder in hot hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, and then clean and remove any remaining impurities. If the process is incomplete or incorrect, the surface of the diamond powder will be contaminated by impurities, and the sintering process will not be so ideal, consequently causing PCD performance and quality problems.

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