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Portable Digital Microscope for Real-time Identification of Diamond Powder at Scene

Linyi is the first primary diamond mine development base in China. Building material 701 mine, located in Linyi, is the earliest primary diamond mine with a certain production scale in China, and the only diamond mine with large-scale production and operation at present. In recent years, geological departments have found that the reserves of diamond resources in Linyi reach 1.747 million carats, and the total reserves of diamond resources are 12.353 million carats, accounting for about 50% of the total identified numbers in China. It can be seen from this that China's mineral diamond industry has received great attention, while the diamond industry is also constantly developing, thus putting forward stricter requirements for the detection and identification of diamonds. Next we will look at the identification of diamond powder.

Diamond powder refers to the diamond particles which has the particle size less than 36/54 micron, including single crystal diamond powder and polycrystalline diamond powder. Single crystal diamond powder is made from artificial diamond single crystal abrasive grains, which are crushed and shaped, producing by special process. Diamond powder has high hardness and good wear resistance, which can be widely used in cutting, grinding, drilling and so on. It is an ideal raw material for grinding and polishing materials of high hardness such as cemented carbide, ceramics, precious stones and optical glass, but its price is relatively high.

Diamond powder
Owing to the wide application of diamond powder in industry, the quality identification of diamond powder is very important. At present, most of the applications are microscopes connected to computer observation by the wired USB. Because of the demand of real-time detection in factory operation, this kind of microscopic detection connected to computer can not meet the market demand.