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What are the Advantages of PCD Tools?

Stricter tolerances and cleaner edges - second trimming operations, such as deburring, it takes time, energy and money. Stricter tolerances and cleaner edges - second trimming operations, such as deburring, take time, energy and money. PCD tools are more durable and produce cleaner edge holes than cemented carbide and high-speed steel tools. This means that you can do more in a shorter time without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

Longer life expectancy and more consistent results
The life of cemented carbide tools is short, usually lasting only a few days or weeks, even when grinding. However, PCD tools are designed to work for several months, which means less downtime. This makes it an essential tool for high-volume production facilities and small stores, as initial investment can quickly recover costs through more efficient workflow and less parts replacement and sharpening.

High Speed Performance
Carbide reamers usually run at about 2500 rpm. On the other hand, PCD reamers can run between 8000rpm and 12000 rpm, which achieves high efficiency and effectiveness. This means that work gets done faster, allows you to take on more work, and your customers get their finished products faster than using other types of tools.

Material universality
Previously, PCD tools and reamers were considered niche devices because fewer materials were suitable for them. However, changes in manufacturing processes and materials have made PCD tools useful in a variety of applications, including some aluminium components and metal matrix composites. Grinding plastic is also an ideal material for PCD tools.

More applications in the future
PCD tools are the future of many enterprises and amateurs working in metals and plastics. Because it is used more and more frequently in various industries, the cost and delivery time are decreasing every year. This makes it increasingly feasible for metal and plastic workers with various budgets and requires the use of this powerful asset.

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