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The Development of Diamond

At the end of the 18th century, it was found that the noble diamond is an allotrope of carbon. Since then, the preparation of synthetic diamond has become the glory and dream of many scientists. A century later, another simple form of graphite carbon was discovered, and people tried to simulate the natural process of transforming graphite into diamond in the environment of ultra-high temperature and pressure. In order to shorten the reaction time, the special conditions of 2000 ℃ high temperature and 55000 atmospheric pressure are needed.

In 1955, General Electric Company of the United States specially manufactured high-temperature and high-voltage electrostatic equipment, and obtained the first batch of small crystals of industrial synthetic diamond powder, thus creating the pioneer of industrial scale production of synthetic diamond powder, and their annual output is about 20 tons. Soon, DuPont company invented the explosion method, with high-pressure and rapid temperature rise generated by instantaneous explosion, synthetic diamond powder suppliers have also obtained synthetic diamonds several millimeters in size.

The properties of diamond films are slightly inferior to those of diamond particles, and their density and hardness are lower. Even so, with film of only 5 microns thick, its wear resistance is also one of the best, and its service life is more than 10 times longer than hard alloy steel. We know that the phonograph record needle has to endure great pressure on the tiny contact surface, and at the same time requires a very long wear-resistant life. As long as a layer of diamond film is deposited on the tip of the needle, it can easily go to the array. If diamond film is used as wear-resistant coating on the outside of plastic and glass, its application can be greatly expanded, and economical products with high quality can be developed.

What's more, the appearance of thin film also breaks through the application barrier of diamond, and it can be widely employed except as a cutter, making its excellent thermal, electrical, acoustic and optical properties fully play. Diamond film has been used in semiconductor electronic devices, optical acoustic devices, pressure processing and cutting tools, etc. Its development speed is amazing, and it is more attractive in the high-tech field.

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