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The application of HBN

As a major structural ceramic material, the H-BN hexagonal boron nitride powder has good thermal resistance, chemical stability, thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, lubrication, etc. due to the characteristics of its crystal structure. Successful application in multiple fields.

And with the widespread development of various studies, the functional characteristics of H-BN six-square boron-nitride have also been gradually developed, and they have broad application prospects in the areas of new energy and electronics.

1. The field of aerospace.

Boron nitride has high thermal stability and low dielectric loss, which is suitable for one of the ideal materials for making high -temperature antenna/windows. By using silicon nitride, silicon oxide, etc., boron -nitride ceramics such as hexagonal nitride, while improving sintering characteristics, can also have the advantages of each component. Essence

For example, aircraft and rocket engines are required to have good heat -resistant, anti -circulating thermal shock, high -temperature electrocable insulation, anti -ion sputtering erosion performance, etc., such as boron -nitride ceramics are the most appropriate materials for preparing injecting components.

2. Metallurgical industry.

Six -square boron -nitride and its compound ceramics have been used as high -temperature refractory materials, such as reciprocating ceramics evaporate, separation rings, special metal high -temperature electrolytic grooves, high temperature 坩埚, etc.

After experiencing a variety of materials such as traditional refractory materials, melting quartz, and oxidation, boron -nitride has been recognized as the most potential material, and has been widely used in related industries.

3. the electronic industry.

Boron nitride has the characteristics of high insulation and high heat conductivity. It can be used as a cooling management device in electronic circuits. When applying the hexagonal boron nanomide material to the surface of the chip, it can not only play a protective role, but also use the excellent horizontal heat transfer capacity brought by its special two -dimensional structure to reduce the local maximum temperature, thereby improving the life and life of the device and the life. reliability.

In addition, the hexagonal boron nitrogen powder is also an ideal polymer filler. It adds it to the resin, rubber, plastic and other materials to improve the thermal guidance and improve the insulation characteristics. Application has an important role.

4. super hard materials industry.

Boron -nitride can be converted to the establishment of boron nitride under high temperature and high pressure, so it can be used as a raw material for synthetic boron nitrite. Under the influence of high temperature and high voltage and catalyst, the transformation from six -square boron nitride powder to cubic boron nitride can be used under the action of high temperature and high pressure and catalyst.

The temperature, pressure, the type and proportion of the catalyst during the synthesis process, as well as the purity, particle size, and crystallization of the six -way boron nitride of the raw material, can all affect the synthesis effect of cubic boron nitride.

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