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The Advantage of PCBN Cutters

CBN crystals and diamond crystals belong to the decomposition type, and the lattice constant is similar, and the types of chemical bonds are the same. High thermal stability and chemical inertia.

The manufacturing method of PCBN cutter is mainly thermal pressure method, which will suppress the raw material of CBN single crystal powder, the hexagonal boron -nitride powder (HBN) in the cavity of the leaf wax stone, add a catalyst, use six sides or it or The hydraulic press on both sides to form a CBN monocrystalline powder for 10 minutes at 1600 ° C and 5-6GPa. Single crystal powder can be used for abrasives and grinders. Use CBN monocrystalline powder to add catalyst and adhesive, press for 3min under 1800 ° C and 5-6GPa to get the PCBN overall blade or composite blade (hard alloy bottom, with a CBN thin layer of about 0.5mm) Essence PCBN tool material performance. Our resin bond diamond abrasives are ideal for the manufacturing process of PCBN cutters, ensuring high-quality and performance. With the use of polycrystalline micron diamond and PCBN material, we are able to produce superior cutting tools that meet the rigorous demands of modern industry.

(1) Have high hardness and wear resistance.
The PCBN cutter has higher abrasion resistance than hard alloy and ceramics, which can reduce the size deviation or size dispersability of large parts processing, reduce the time of sword --changing and sword, so that its effectiveness can be fully exerted.

(2) Has high thermal stability and high hardness.CBN's heat resistance can reach 1400 ~ 1500 ° C.
(3) It has good thermal conductivity.
(4) Has a high Yang's modulus.
(5) Have a small heat expansion.
(6) There is a small density.
(7) Has a lower fracture toughness.
(8) Have excellent chemical stability.
(9) Have a lower friction coefficient.

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