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Summary of Application Fields of Boron Nitride Powder

Boron nitride powder is a kind of white loose powder, which has good electrical insulation, thermal conductivity and chemical corrosion resistance. Its formed products have excellent properties which are easy to machine. It is precisely because boron nitride powder is so excellent that it can be applied in such a wide range of fields.

1. Structural materials of atomic reactor.
2. Nozzle of aircraft and rocket engine.
3. High temperature solid lubricants and release agents for various precision casting products.
4. High temperature and corrosion resistant boron nitride ceramics and boron nitride composite ceramics.
5. Synthesis of cubic boron nitride.
6. Compression-resistant, wear-resistant and high temperature-resistant grease.
7. Various high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and anti-oxidation coatings.
8. High temperature and high frequency electric and plasma arc insulators.
9. Boron nitride powder is used as an oxidizing additive for refractories, especially in the case of corrosion resistance of molten metals.

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