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Maintenance Can Extend the Service Life of PCD Cutter

At present, PCD cutters are used in many places. Although PCD cutters have strong capabilities, if they are used for a long time, PCD cutters will become blunt, which will reduce work efficiency. Therefore, in daily use, it is important to perform some maintenance.

The following is a basic introduction to PCD cutter maintenance.

1. The grinding wheel center cannot be aligned vertically in a single point of the PCD cutter; it must be inclined 10-15 degrees.

2. Be careful not to hit the grinding wheel surface when inserting the PCD cutter into the holder.

3. The hot dressing tool must not be "quenched" by the polycrystalline diamond cutters. The time between dressings in dry dressing must be kept long enough for the heated PCD cutter to cool down.

4. At the same time, the correct application of polycrystalline diamond cutters is the premise of obtaining good processing results. Although the specific reasons for PCD cutter failure vary, it is usually due to the use of objects or methods of use. When ordering polycrystalline diamond cutters, users should correctly grasp the scope of application of the tools. For example, when using PCD diamond cutting tools to process ferrous metal workpieces (such as stainless steel), due to the easy chemical reaction between diamond and carbon in steel, the PCD diamond cutting tools will wear quickly, so the correct choice for machining hardened steel should be PCBN tools.

5. The broken pieces of the PCD cutter will cause secondary damage to the tool. When changing the tool, the PCD cutter must first remove the broken tool, including the broken and residual material of the tool. Otherwise, it will easily cause the second broken tool. At the same time, the machinery and equipment for processing and production must be stable. If the stability of the machine is not good, it is easy to vibrate and break the knife during the working process. Therefore, the choice of production equipment is also very important.

In short, the volume of PCD diamond cutting tools is increasing year after year. Because of its relatively high hardness, PCD diamond cutting tools are mainly only appropriate for milling non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, composite materials, and graphite products.

PCD diamond cutting tools also demonstrate extraordinarily strong wear resistance in some ferrous metal finishing or minor residual machining, in the case of appropriate control of the cutting temperature, and non-ferrous metal finishing. In order to extend the life of the PCD cutter, it is also necessary to pay attention to its maintenance.

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