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Development Trend of Micron Diamond Powder

At present, many industrial and technical departments require the use of the size of micron diamond powder from 0 to 4um. According to the manufacturer's standard, the micron diamond powder has finer particle size and narrower particle size range.

Different micron diamond powders have their own characteristics. There is a kind of single crystal diamond powder with high strength and intact crystal, which is in the cubic octahedron shape, and multi-edged cutting surface, and is not easy to peel into useless (no cutting ability) fine grains. It has a very effective retention force with metal binder. It has high strength and anti-fragmentation at high temperature. Because of its breaking ability, diamond products used as metal binders have sharp cutting effect and good surface finish.
Another kind of micron diamond powder is characterized by brittleness. Its particle shape is in the irregular quasi-circular shape and has the rough and uneven surface. When the particle bears stress, its brittleness leads to particle fragmentation, resulting in new sharp cutting points. This kind of micron diamond powder is ideal for making resin bonded grinding wheels. It has a gentle finishing and polishing effect.

With the growing maturity of diamond tool manufacturing industry and the rapid growth of China's economy, China's market demand for micron diamond powder is also growing rapidly. The progress of tool manufacturing technology also puts forward higher requirements for the micron diamond powder industry. Upgrading and adjusting product structure and developing towards high-end specialization will become the future development direction of micron diamond powder industry.