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Design and Application of PLC in Diamond Hydraulic Synthesizer

With the rapid development of technology in the world infrastructure industry, the demand for synthetic diamond products such as diamond powder saw blades, grinding wheels and abrasives is increasing. The demand for diamond powder china is growing. Accordingly, the equipment for producing synthetic diamond is popular in the market. Among them, hexahedral diamond press occupies a larger share of the domestic market because of its advantages of simple operation and relatively low production cost.

Artificial diamond is synthesized by the mechanism that graphite can change its atomic structure under the catalysis of catalyst in high temperature and high pressure environment. Hexahedral diamond press can use mechanical and hydraulic devices to pressurize the center of the main engine from six directions. Under the action of the cemented carbide anvil in the center of the main engine, the raw materials can form a sealed cubic ultra-high pressure capacitive cavity. At the same time, the cavity can be heated by an electric heating device, which can produce the condition of the high temperature and high pressure which the production of the synthetic diamond needed. The whole working process of the equipment needs a series of work to be completed by the electronic control system and the mechanical and hydraulic systems. Among them, the electronic control system mainly completes the work under different modes of automation, subsection and adjustment by controlling the hydraulic system composed of large and small plunger pumps and more than 20 solenoid valves, etc. The whole equipment is a typical integrated product of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic.