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Characteristics and Scope of Use of Binders


Binder properties

Abrasive characteristics

Scope of application

Resin bond

Good elasticity, good polishing performance, poor performance of holding abrasive particles under heat

The abrasive tool has good self-sharpening, is not easy to be blocked, and is rarely trimmed after one trimming, with high grinding efficiency, low grinding temperature and low grinding roughness

Diamond Abrasives: Carbide, Steel-bonded Carbide, PCD and PCBN Tools, Diamond and CBN Compacts.

CBN abrasive tools: high vanadium tell just and all kinds of hardened steel, alloy steel

Ceramic bond

Good grip on abrasive grains and good heat resistance

The life of the abrasive tool is better than that of the resin bond, the cutting is sharp, the efficiency is high, the grinding is not easy to heat and block, it is easy to control the machining accuracy, and it is easy to dress

Diamond Abrasives: It has a good application in PCD and PCBN tool sharpening.

CBN abrasive tools: In addition to processing various high-hardness and high-strength steels, it is especially suitable for high-speed grinding with high efficiency

Metal bond

Good rigidity and good abrasive grip

The abrasive tool has high strength, good wear resistance, long service life, can withstand large compliance, poor self-sharpening, easy to block, difficult to repair

Diamond Abrasives: Mainly used for abrasive grains, ceramics, stone

Plating bond

Thin abrasive layer, high abrasive density, sharp grinding, no need to dress, short life

Suitable for abrasive tools with complex geometries

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