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Brief Introduction of Characteristics and Application of Boron Nitride Superhard Materials

1. Brief introduction of boron nitride superhard materials

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is a superhard material synthesized by hexagonal boron nitride and catalyst at the high temperature and pressure. The hardness of this kind of superhard material is second only to that of diamond. The thermal stability of cubic boron nitride is much higher than that of diamond, and it has greater chemical stability to iron-based metal elements. Therefore, cubic boron nitride abrasives are widely used in the field of cutting and grinding of iron-based metal products, which has an excellent property.

There are two kinds of cubic boron nitride: single crystal and polycrystalline sinter. The single crystal is made from the hexagonal boron nitride and catalyst under the range of the pressure of 3000-8000MPa and temperature of 800-1900 ℃. Typical catalysts are selected from alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, tin, lead, antimony and their nitrides. The crystal forms of cubic boron nitride include tetrahedral truncated cone, octahedron, distorted crystal and twin crystal. Industrial cubic boron nitride is black, amber and metal-plated on its surface, and its particle size is usually less than 1 mm.

2. Application of Boron Nitride Polycrystals in Metal Cutting Field

Cubic boron nitride polycrystalline (PCBN) tool is a kind of superhard material product which is made of many fine grain (0.1-100 micron) CBN. In addition to its high hardness and wear resistance, it also has high toughness, chemical inertia, red hardness and other characteristics, which can be used for opening-edge grinding of diamond grinding wheel. It has excellent cutting performance in all aspects of cutting during the cutting and process, which can achieve stable cutting at high temperature. It is especially suitable for processing various hardened and difficult-to-machine materials such as quenched steel, tool steel and chilled cast iron. The cutting tool has the advantages of sharp cutting, good shape retention, high wear resistance, small wear per unit, fewer revisions, and is favorable for automatic processing. It is suitable for all cutting processes from roughing to finishing.

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